Nationally featured Wedding Photographer. EPILEPSY ADVOCATE. SUPER MOM.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't just "like" things--I OBSESS! A few of those obsessions include moshing at rock concerts, eating foods with too many carbs, traveling, cheering on the Dallas Stars, cuddle time with my family, and my husband. Seriously, it's like I won the hubby jackpot. 

Marc is the most patient and caring person I have ever met. Having him by my side at weddings is not only fun, but hugely important. I may be the lead shooter, but his role as lead supporter is what makes this business work. He's my rock and my ultimate comfort. He's also a freaking hard worker, and I love trying to keep up with him. Some couples would hate working together. But for us? It's how it's meant to be. We're like mustard and ketchup. We're in the same room 99% of the time, and I still catch him staring at me, smiling. I think it's this "still giddy" thing we've got going on that makes us so good at what we do. I can't imagine us doing anything else, with anyone else.

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VIDEOGRAPHER. Tech Junkie. baby daddy.

Monday through Friday I'm a Salesforce Consultant and tech enthusiast; on weekends, I'm that video guy or the second shooter.

I have the most eccentric music taste of anyone I know, ranging from Cradle of Filth to Taylor Swift. My blood type is Monster Energy. Being a father and husband is my greatest joy. 

Beth is the reason I do this work. Her drive and passion for our business is so inspiring--she makes me want to work harder, she pushes me to be a better photographer and partner. She gently reminds me of reality when my dreams get bigger than our budget, yet she encourages me to dream just the same. Her intelligence is incredibly sexy, and her sense of humor still makes me laugh. I mean, wait until you see her shaking her booty and singing all the words to "Baby Got Back". It's truly a marvel. Also, this is about to get really cheesy, but stick with me: she's everything I've ever wanted in a wife and I can guarantee she's everything you need and more in a photographer. 

Our reasons why. lights of our lives. BOTTOMLESS PITS. editing helpers.

Callum is a vivacious 9 year old who is currently in 4th grade. His hobbies include nerding out with Dad, trying to convince us to let him eat ice cream for dinner, and "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". His favorite bands are Trivium and Periphery. When he grows up, he wants to be a blacksmith, astronomer, or video game designer.

Everett is our newest addition who arrived smack dab in the middle of Fall Wedding Season 2018. He is fearless, flirty and has the longest eyelashes. 

Zelda is our 6 year old rescue German Shepherd who made our lives complete May of 2017. She loves playing tug-o-war with her favorite rope toy, barking at the pesky neighborhood cats, cuddle time with her humans, belly rubs, and setting records for how quickly she can destroy a bone. 11/10 is a heckin' good doggo.